Air mask™

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What's included?

  • Clean Air Mask
  • Advanced filter 

The delivery time is 10-20 days. 


 Military Grade Triple Filtration Technology
✓ Blocks Particulates
✓ Ventilation Through Valve System
 Adjustable & Stylish Design

Guaranteeing well being and security in everyday life has become a need for many individuals. The Clean Air Mask can shield you from dust and other air poisons, dust and different allergens, fierce blaze smoke, cigarettes, mist, and vehicle exhaust.

Unrivaled Protection

The Clean Air Mask shields from microorganisms and contamination that are difficult to see with the unaided eyes. Albeit lightweight and adaptable in structure, the mask's inventive channel innovation gives a better degree of security over customary paper masks. To offer the greatest, the mask uses dispensable air-channel cartridges which neutralize particles as little as 0.3 micrometers. This, joined with its twofold stereoscopic structure guarantees remarkable effectiveness.

Improving your life quality with a basic advance, Clean Air Mask is a venture that will profit your well being consistently. With standard use, the channel can give moment anticipation of infections, diminished sensitivities and more beneficial lungs.

Easy Breathing

Premium Material

This residue face mask is the development of nylon configuration work, which is breathable and speedy drying. It likewise has flawless penetrability. The delicate material would cause your face to feel good. Appropriate for all seasons. Particularly for the blistering climate.

Reusable And Washable

There is 1 carbon filter in the package, which are easy to replace. The mesh dust guard and valves can be washed to keep clean when dirty.

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