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CDC Guildelines

If you have read the news recently you’ve heard that the CDC is encouraging individuals to wear masks anytime they leave home. This goes for children too.

Problem is. Children don’t like masks, they are itchy, uncomfortable and annoying. So a couple of middle class parents came up with a great solution. A mask which is actually comfortable to wear and fun at the same time.

FaceYourMask - The Revolution For Kids And Why Is It So Special?

Masks are going to be around for a long time

It is going to become a norm that when outside we all wear masks to protect each other, this is what it's about. And in order to protect our children we need to give them a face mask that they will actually wear and keep on. FaceYourMask does just that giving piece of mind to us parents.

The mask is graded KN90 which is considered to be the N95 for children, providing kids with 95% particulate filtration. The mask is also proven to help prevent child infection of viruses and bacteria and well as reducing the occurrence of respiratory allergies, such as hay fever, allergic rhinitis, allergic asthma & more

How to Get Childfacemask?

Now that you are aware of this amazing solution for keeping kids safe and protected and you understand this is even more important because of the new regulations on wearing masks when leaving home.

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Give yourself peace of mind and protection for your children with this affordable solution now

Summary: This innovative child mask is selling like crazy on FaceYourMask. The masks are soft, comfortable and fun. Parents are raving about them saying that kids absolutely love them and actually wear them.